I am the Gypsy encampment leader

The show is presented by the winners of the Russian National Prize, awarded by the President of Russia
in the nomination "The Russian saga" for devotion to the service of cinema and theatrical art.

The Russian Gypsy show "I am the Gypsy encampment leader!" is successfully touring around the world and
participating in Russian and international festivals!!!

1) Masterly LIVE SOUND - guitars, violins, tambourines. «Hungarian Gypsy", "Czardas" (V. Monti), and others.

2) The most famous HITS and gypsy encampment songs - "Dark Eyes", "Shaggy bumblebee", "Ah, again, again ...", "Long Road", "Hide behind a high fence", "Brook", "Nane tsoha", "Hop-Hop", "Sun", "Kibitka" and many others ...

3) SONGS FROM THE FAMOUS RUSSIAN movies - "Queen of the Gypsies", "My Sweet and Tender Beast", "A Cruel Romance", "Gypsy", "Carmelita".

4) Old Gypsy and Russian ROMANCES – "Nevechernyaya", "And lastly, I would say," "Only once," and others...

5) Vladimir Vysotsky's songs from the repertoire of the legendary Moscow Taganka Theater!

6) Incendiary dance: Gypsy Hungarian - Hungarian tap dance, "Gypsy dance with going out", solo and mass Gypsy ENCAMPMENT DANCING

7) Exclusive SPANISH UNIT – (part, episode, scene, set) - enchanting Spanish songs , mesmerizing instrumental, burning and passionate FLAMENCO!!!

8) THE VARIETY OF COSTUMES - bright and colourful Gypsy palette!

Alexander Leonidovich Fursenko - production director and the leading
soloist of the show "I am the Gypsy encampment leader!"
The performer of the leading part in Gypsy TV series "Carmelita" -
the gypsy encampment leader Beibut.
Alexander is also the leading actor and musician in the
legendary Taganka Theater (where he worked with Vladimir Vysotsky)
A huge number of parts of a Gypsy Baron
in famous films and TV series are on his account.

Alexander is an unrivalled and unique artist of the
Gypsy folklore. His magnificent voice and masterly playing the guitar
captivates with its beauty and stirs the blood so much, that the
amazing sound will always stay in the hearts of the audience!

Program duration: 1.5 - 2 hours. Number of artists: 8-12 people.

All artists of the Gypsy Show "I am the Gypsy encampment leader!" are professional actors and musicians,
graduates of the Moscow theater schools (GITIS, VGIK, HTU
B. Shchukin - Course of Slichenko N.). Leading actors of Moscow theaters:
Gypsy Theatre "Romen", the famous "Taganka Theater" and the beloved "Mayakovsky Theater"!

Gypsy ensemble "DEVLALE" will introduce you to a delightful and unique
Gypsy culture, and will plunge you into the dizzying and fascinating world of Gypsy art!
The unique Gypsy show program "I am the Gypsy encampment leader!" will bring you a huge amount
of impressions, energy and an unforgettable soul delight!!!


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+7 (916) 770-09-72 Elena — Administrator

E-mail: 89199601698@mail.ru

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